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Conservative Concerns for 2007 and 2008

Dear Editor,

The recent Federal elections that returned control of the House of Representatives to the Democratic Party should be a wake-up call that this country is moving toward socialism. Those citizens who believe that the Federal government is and should be responsible for the lifestyle he or she attains in this life need read no further. Those citizens that believe that each individual is personally responsible for the lifestyle he or she attains must put forward ideas that are sensible and select candidates that believe in smaller government and personal responsibility.

Karl Marx, author of Das Kapital and co-author of The Communist Manifesto, who is aredited with the success of the Russian Revolution, stated very specifically that for socialism to succeed these things must be done: do away with God, eliminate private property, have a progressive income tax, have a death tax that prevents private property from remaining in a citizen's estate, allow all production of goods and services to belong to the State for the benefit of the masses and not for the benefit of the sole proprietor or for stockholders who have invested in private companies that provide goods and services to the market place.

With the break-up of the Soviet Union, we are all aware of the failure of this form of government. Already, our government (urged on by the ACLU) is trying to remove God from schools and government workplaces. Eminent Domain is taking more and more property from our citizens for "the public good," and certainly, we have a horrendous progressive personal income tax.

To eliminate this slide into Socialism and to restore this great nation to the principles that it once held dear, I propose that we:

  • Stand firm against the removal of God from our schools and government places.

  • Put more oversight into eminent domain. Make certain that it's for the public good and not for personal gain.

  • Do away with the Internal Revenue Service and replace it with a fair tax that allows citizens to keep their earnings with no withholdings. Citizens would only pay tax on goods purchased.

  • Have Congress declare war on terrorism and on those countries that sponsor, support and protect terrorists and have the President sign the declaration into law.

  • Seal our borders north and south and identify all people in the United States.

  • Do serious work toward solving the U.S. energy shortage within 5-7 years.

  • Insist that the Federal government stop approving unfunded mandates and spend less money.

  • Eliminate the Department of Homeland Security and return to the organizational structures and responsibilities that were in effect pre 9-11-01. This organization is too large to be effectively controlled and has a mission that is impossible to achieve.

  • Eliminate the Department of Education from a cabinet level position and encourage state and school districts to work toward a voucher school system. The "No Child Left Behind" program has unrealistic expectations and is impeding the progress of success for the majority of students.

  • Remove Federal funds from the ACLU and take a hard look at the activities and groups that provide support. The organization appears to be basically socialistic and seems to be intent on doing away with capitalistic enterprise.

  • Enact tort reform so that in frivolous law suits the loser has to pay attorney and court costs.

  • Require the House of Representatives to fulfill their official duties. There should be no more boards or commissions to which they can slide a political issue.

  • Eliminate non-partisan elections at all levels.

  • Repeal the McCain-Feingold bill (law) that is a sham for taking money out of politics. It is unconstitutional.

  • Withdraw the U.S. from the United Nations immediately and close the New York headquarters within five years. This organization is nothing more than forum for socialists, communists and third world countries that wish to render our Republic and marketplace legally compliant with what the U.N. considers to be our super power responsibility.

  • Create a guest worker program for Mexicans. Set up an organization to act as a procurement agency that provides workers for specific jobs. The employer would pay the agency which would then pay the worker. This type of system is already used within the U.S. in many employment agencies.

  • Legalize some drugs and change from criminalization and prison to treatment programs. Our prison population is more than 80 percent drug related. As a country, we cannot afford the cost of the criminal approach to drug problems. We must switch to a treatment based philosophy and take the obscene profit out of the illegal drug trade.

  • Transition medical costs and services back into the market place without gimmicks like HMOs, PPOs, and insurance companies setting the rules with government regulations and subsidies deciding who is rewarded with treatment and who will be denied.

    If you share any of these ideas (concerns) and have some of your own to share, you are invited to join the local Republican Party and express your opinions.

    David R. Dillinger
    Chairman, The McDuffie County Republic Party

    Web posted on Thursday, January 11, 2007

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