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The challenges we face as Americans

We live in a troubled world. However, someone with a visionary view can say, that if we think the world is troubling now - just wait until the Middle East oil fields are sucked dry, and imagine what can happen to that part of the world with little or no income source. It is evident to me that there will be great despair among those in the Islamic World that could lead to troubles the world scape has not seen, or for the most part, given any thought to.

All of the countries in the Middle East live under dictatorships; except, for Israel which is the only democracy in the region.

Dictatorships like those in Iraq and Afghanistan, in days past, and currently in Iran, Egypt, Syria, Jordon and other places, have shown their true colors over the years. Some have proven to be harsh and tyrannical against their people. Others have led in a more civil way, and America has fostered good relations with them that remain in place today.

Iraq, of course, holds our special interest because it has become the central battleground on the war against radical Islamic terrorism. It is the "beehive," if you will, where the terrorist want to set up operations to weave their "honeycomb" of world domination and in particular the destruction of Israel. We should not allow this to happen - regardless of the cost in blood and resources. Every country in the free and civilized world should act now to stop this foolishness rather than push it down the road for our children and grandchildren to confront or deal with.

Unfortunately this will not happen, or at least in my view, there is no strong and common will to do so. This is the way it is, right or wrong - only the historians can "pontificate" as all this unfolds over the years ahead.

After 9/11, there is little argument that America, and other coalition forces, shouldn't have cleaned out the Al Qaeda network that had made its "nest" in Afghanistan that would serve to "hatch" radical Islamic terrorist to do their killing around the world, and especially American and Israelic populations and properties.

The big question that has served to dis-unify America and many other countries around the world is this: "Why invade Iraq?" We have received a double dose of yeas and nays from politicians and news outlets which to me only serves to confuse the situation. This division of thought, all by good people, after the congressional authorization given to invade Iraq, has left deep and abiding questions in the minds of our young men and women in our Armed Forces. It is now evident that many of our politicians, the news media, and ultimately most Americans, think this war was a mistake. America's will has diminished substantially and will not return.

As a former member of our Armed Forces, believe that we are fast on our way to producing another generation of Americans who lack confidence in their politicians, the media, and their own senior military leaders. It could also very well lead to the demise of the "all volunteer" force as we know it and the reinstitution of the draft.

These young warriors have given their all in both Afghanistan and Iraq, after being sent there by both Presidential and Congressional decrees. They have fought and died like the true patriots they are. They also want to succeed. They don't want to be labeled losers. However, our disunity has disillusioned them and emboldened our enemy and strengthened his resolve to maim and kill.

American and Coalition forces can win this war on terror given the essential unity, and the time and latitude required to get the job done. Many say "OK, but at what cost?" I can only say that our great country has made few, if any sacrifices, since the war began; except, for those who are courageous enough to go there and enter into the fray and their loved ones at home. Yes, we have spent gobs of money to support the war. This sacrifice is the least Americans can make to protect our freedom.

Further, what is the cost of the freedoms we enjoy and take for granted? Answer - it's priceless. You cannot put a price on it. These radical Islamic terrorist hate the freedoms we enjoy. They despise our culture. Their religious beliefs are at the opposite end of the spectrum from ours. If we don't confront them now, on their home turf, they will return to America, and conduct enough evil to make 9/11 look like a "cake walk" - possibly using nuclear chemical or biological weapons.

For whatever it costs, America must stay on the offensive and not base our safety solely on the defense of our homeland. In reality, we must do both to the best of our abilities. Nothing worthwhile comes easy. We will have to sacrifice greatly to protect our nation. I hope and pray that we are up to this task which has been thrust upon us, and will be around for sometime to come. I simply offer these words as "food for thought" to those who love America as I do.

Web posted on Thursday, May 10, 2007

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