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Things are more important than BCS, pro decisions

Well the multitudes, including Barack Obama, don't like the BCS and my wife doesn't believe college underclassmen should be allowed to go pro. What else is new? The BCS is less popular than Congress, but it is still around. Our president-elect is acting like a true politician by trying to uplift Southern Californians, Texans and even the Utes, while Pam Walker still ain't over Herschel boltin' for the money a lifetime ago.

I always thought there was the possibility, but I must be an idiot. I might be the only college football fan alive who is not bothered by the BCS. Sure, it is a system with a few warts but what ain't damaged goods these days? The BCS is the nation's college presidents' last stranglehold on their athletic programs and I don't see them giving it up without a fight.

They won't allow a playoff until the government takes a chunk of bailout money to replace the lost bowl money that would be collateral damage.

Do we really think a playoff system to name a legitimate national champion in major college football is going to satisfy us? If you think the answer to that question is yes then I have to beg you to ask yourself a question. When was the last time we were ever satisfied with anything?

I'm of the opinion that trying to have such a playoff leaves more questions unanswered than answered. How many teams would be in the playoff field? Does a team have to win its conference championship? What about the 12-1 conference runner-up that lost to the 9-4 champion on one bad night? What conferences will be allowed to participate? What do you offer to the teams that didn't make it, the NIT?

My oldest argument against a playoff is the fact that a school's biggest supporters, the alumni and boosters who foot the bills will be left out of the tournament in favor of corporate and television executives and even entertainers with the big money to buy the seats. Think about it. How will a school move its teams, bands, cheerleaders and support staffs around the country weekly for the equivalent of three or four BCS level bowl games? Don't give me the "well, the small colleges do it" argument. That's a different animal altogether.

On another front, every since Herschel Walker left Georgia after his junior season, my wife says he started all of this. It seemed to be a forgone conclusion that Matthew Stafford and Knowshon Moreno planned to take the money and run and they made it official last week. I say more power to them and Pam says, "traitors." I reminded her they did not transfer to Georgia Tech but she doesn't want to hear it.

Frankly, we all are starting to recognize that many college diplomas aren't worth the paper they are written on. I mean they cost thousands of dollars with no guarantee of a job with a like return. Sure any kid is ultimately better off with one than without one but there is no statute of limitations on earning one. If an athlete can leave school early and collect millions from any pro team fool enough to pay him, who can blame him?

The only danger in it is that many players leave school and don't get drafted or never make it in the pros. In reality all they have lost is a year or two of playing eligibility. They can get over that and return to school to finish their coursework for a diploma later if they want to bad enough. If they never return to graduate odds are they weren't heading in that direction to begin with.

I guess in my old age I'm finally learning not to fret over things I cannot control. The BCS and early exits from college have been around for a while and they will continue to be something that inspires great debate. The fact is the sun will still rise in the east and college football will still be played every fall. Now if we can just convince Pam Walker and Barack Obama to let it go and take care of more important things. Pam can take care of me and Mr. Obama can take care of our country. Those will be much easier jobs.

Web posted on Thursday, January 15, 2009

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