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Reader has questions, suggestions for America

Dear Editor,

As to the status of the USA as we have our 44th President installed, I have a few questions I would like to ask my fellow citizens. It has been said that the USA is a country of laws and that "he who has the gold makes the rules." Is this true? Just consider these things:

Our constitution states that in order to be elected president the candidate must be a natural born citizen. There has been much controversy over Mr. Obama's birthplace. Hawaii has certified that he was born in that state. However, political action groups have challenged this in the state court of Hawaii. The court has taken no action. Case continued. Why?

U.S. election laws state that foreign countries and foreign nationals may not contribute money to the USA political process. This has been grossly violated by people and countries all over the world. Most of these illegal contributions were made by Muslim countries and Muslim individuals and to a lesser extent by socialist and communist countries and individuals. Again, political action groups have filed legal challenges to these donations, but these challenges have been ignored.

I would like to propose what needs to be done to combat the current liberal media attitude toward conservative ideas in the USA and toward liberal voters in the USA:

1. Congress should formally declare war on Islamic fundamental terrorist groups and on the countries that support Islamic terror either directly or indirectly. The President of the United States of America should sign the Congressional declaration into law.

2. No new federal income taxes or death taxes should be collected.

3. The President of the United States in his role of Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces and in consultation with his military advisors, should immediately petition Congress to double the size of the military and to properly equip it. In addition, there should be a mandatory draft of all able-bodied persons aged 18 to 25 years for a term not to exceed 24 months.

4. Illegal aliens should be deported and only be allowed to return to the USA in accordance with current immigration laws.

5. The Department of Homeland Security should be removed from a Cabinet level position, and its many bits and pieces returned to where they were in the federal government on September 10, 2001.

I believe that if the above items are enacted, our world wide security problems and our current economic problems would be relieved.

Here are a few thoughts for consideration over the next few years:

• Most citizens of this nation only wish the best for our newly elected and sworn in President Barak Obama.

• The political correctness that has smothered this country since the 1970s will only be diminished when personal liability lawsuits become less prevalent. Why not have the loser pay court costs for frivolous lawsuits?

• This country needs more medical personnel, engineers, educators, etc and fewer lawyers. Why are so many think tanks, political action coalition groups, private foundations, legal departments of publicly traded corporations, advertising for class action suits (ambulance chasing) etc. done by lawyers?

• The Department of Education at the federal level should be eliminated and a token representative placed in the Commerce Department.

• The Federal Emergency Management Authority should be eliminated as a cabinet department and Congress should place this supply function wherever it pleases them. The organization is too large and too expensive to be effective.

• The Federal Government should immediately do away with the congressional rule concerning baseline budgeting which is an automatic 10 percent increase in the process each year. This happens even before any civil service budget worker turns in a proposed budget. Federal and state governments should cut their budgets by 10 percent across the expense items. No exceptions!

• Make the term African-American unacceptable in use in schools, business correspondence, legal documents, etc. We are Americans and do not owe allegiance to another continent. Except for native Indians, we all trace our ancestry to another continent, but do not identify ourselves with that particular continent. We are Americans!

David R. Dillinger


Web posted on Thursday, February 05, 2009

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